Lee Anderson

The Scribe


Lee currently exists in an ancient plain, where he writes down the history and stories of everything he can see in existence.

Lee is effectively a master of time as he has no limits to how far forward and backwards he can go. However, he refuses with great passion to go forward in time faster than normal people do. He also knows deep down that the future is already written, and he knows what it is, but due to laws of multiverse theory and string theory refuses to ever speak of the future, even to the point of his own death. He does not mind sharing information of the past with others who ask about it, as long as it is not with malicious intent or would cause more harm than good. HE also knows the past (and future(s)) perfectly in his mind. provided that a GM has not specifically blocked that plain from his sight.

Lee generally does not like directly affecting planes time lines, although he will if he feels like something is off beyond normal.

Lee is by far the more powerful of the two brothers, although refuses to admit it.


Lee Anderson is the brother of Poet Anderson. Lee as a child was very talented in the arts of reading, writing, and history. He excelled and was quite easily the top person in his class. Upon graduation he was offered a place in the mage’s guild and accepted it. He spent 3 years studying and never seeing his family. As one would expect, he excelled in the arts of taursian spells and records. One day, he was taken by a group of the elder mages to a place, miles from the city to be trained more in seclusion. He was there for most of the spring and learned the arts of life magic and healing. it came to one fateful day in the summer, when he was called back to the city in a rush. The mages teleported him (which was considered very rare and hard to do at the time), and he appeared in what seemed to be a dungeon of the guild. However he had arrived too late. all around him there was mutilated bodies of the mages, and the room was partially destroyed. Using reveal the past, he discovered that a newer mage had tried to resurrect a person by using life spells, and accidentally created a monster. This monster seemed to be a living nightmare, something from the deepest reaches of hell itself. It immediately slaughtered the new mage, before alarms started going off. Elder and high level mages started running in and trying to stop it with everything they had, but to no avail. They were all killed and souls destroyed. Lee immediately went to the library to see if there was anything like this that had happened before. He did find information… (spoilers removed until later)… He then contacted his brother using the dream link. To see what happened in the dream world. read poets bio.

Lee Anderson

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