Poet Anderson

The creator of the dream world



Creator of the dream world and the main city Haven. Has, or used to have, complete control over his realm. Is not a god by any means, but does have incredible resilience and intelligence.


Poet Anderson was born into the Anderson family appx. 2/18/7459. He was raised like a normal child with his brother, Lee Anderson, who was 4 years older than he was. Their life was nothing unusual, they lived in a small city named Liann Jiun. During childhood, Poet struggled with school, consistently dozing off, or at minimum never paying attention, while his brother was at the top of his class. Poet also struggled to make and stick with friends, not because of anger, rather just because he was very timid. Because of this, his brother almost became his best friend. They would spend a lot of time together, doing a combination of things that suited both of them, the biggest being dreaming of a life outside their city and the sense of adventure. Time passed and graduation day came for his brother, and as per custom, Lee was offered a job within the mage’s guild of the city. Lee accepted, and was immediately taken into training. This almost destroyed Poet, as he lost his best friend and was never allowed to see him. He quickly went into depression and stuck there for many years, rarely going out besides to go to school. His grades plummeted to rock bottom and was soon expelled…

After this, Poet took up poetry and painting to help cope with everything, and became really good at it. Time passed (~3 years) and nothing much happened, he got a few jobs here and there, but never was able to keep any of them. However everything changed one night, he went back to his home and found something that resembles a train ticket on his desk with the simple writing on it saying “go to sleep”. Thinking it was some sort of hoax, he crumpled it up and threw it in the trash can next to his bed. He then propped a chair against his door and locked it, and went to sleep.

That night, he had a dream of being in a amazing futuristic city, so much that his mind could hardly comprehend it, at some point he found himself in a train station with a train departing. He felt compelled to climb aboard and managed to get on in time. Much to his surprise, the train was empty. He searched the cabins eventually coming to the last one, where a strange blue light was emanating from it. He was lifted into the air, and the door swung wide open and pulled him in.

Poet was settled into a nice red leather recliner next to another one, beside a fireplace. the boxcar was lined with bookshelves, had very nice carpet, and was well decorated. In the other chair was none other than his brother, who he had not seen in years.

A conversation happened that, shortened, meant that Poet was being called along with his brother, to become saviors of their world and this world. They were the only ones who had the power to be able to stop the “Night Terrors” from destroying everything.

Poet & Lee had their adventure that will be revealed in time, which resulted in Lee becoming the Historian of time and Poet becoming the Crafter of Dreams.

Poet Anderson

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